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Hinds County Board President seeks to remove VP from leadership role

There were some tense moments during Monday's Hinds County Board of Supervisors meeting. Board Vice President, David Archie was upset that the president of the Board, Credell Calhoun, wanted to remove him from his leadership position. Calhoun says Archie has been disruptive over the last few months.  Archie accused Calhoun of not following parliamentary procedures when he put the item on Monday’s agenda to remove him as vice-president and president-elect. Eventually Calhoun conceded saying he could have written the order a little bit better. He says he will the next time. Archie claims Calhoun wants to remove him as vice president because Archie voted against a plan to spend $500,000 on a reentry program to help ex-convicts, and he raised questions about the person Calhoun put in charge of spending those funds. The next board meeting is in two weeks. Calhoun said he will try again then to remove Archie from his position.


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