New Urban Jazz Lounge

Saturdays, 10pm - Midnight

NewUrbanJazz was launched on October 1, 2008.  On February 5, 2008, CD101.9 (NYC) flipped the format to Rock 'n' Roll, and shortly after, several stations flipped up and down the East Coast. "NUJ was tested in 2004 atWJSJ/Jacksonville, Fl. and the results were favorable", says the native New Yorker.  We began to add unknown US-based and international artists to the lineup quietly and was received with high marks. We have a couple other formulas that proved to be effective, so it only made sense to roll out our program."

 In October, 2008, NUJ was added initially at College Jazz Stations that had a contemporary flavor. At the front of the pack were WJAB, WVSU, WFSK, WEIB.  The reception at those stations was overwhelming, and other stations began to follow suit, including WVAS, WUMR, WFSH and WNAA. Recent station additions include in Iowa, Hawaii, Miami and two in Alaska.