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Tougaloo College Gets 10 Million Dollar Donation


Tougaloo College is a small private college with a big windfall. The historically Black College is the recipient of a 10 million dollar donation from the head of Netflix and his wife, who is a film producer. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings visited Tougaloo College Monday to talk about the donation from him and wife, Patricia Quillin. The schools president, Carmen Walters said the money will be used for scholarships. Half will endow need-based scholarships, and the other $5 million will help Tougaloo students at Brown University avoid costly loans. Hastings and his wife learned about Tougaloo because of its 58-year-old partnership with Brown. Tougaloo’s partnership with Brown University lets students, faculty and administrators participate in exchange programs, fellowships and research. The gift to the Brown-Tougaloo Partnership is the largest in history. Hastings said that in the past five years he and his wife have focused on giving to historically Black colleges, after years of giving to programs for kindergarten through high school. He says HBCUs have been so successful in producing Black lawyers, Black doctors, engineers, dentists, and other professional classes and it’s a less well-known story in white America,”