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Accusations of Bribes, Drug Use and Calls for a Federal Investigation at Jackson City Hall


Accusations of taking bribes and dope smoking are the latest developments regarding the disagreement between some council members and the mayor over the awarding of Jackson’s garbage collection contract. Monday Mayor Lumumba during a news conference said “I believe certain members of our council have taken bribes and are steering a contract.” The mayor questioned why some members of the council are opposed to a contract that’s $12 million cheaper than the one with Waste Management.

Councilman Kenneth Stokes says the accusations are just more ‘Lying Lumumba.’ Stokes says he doesn’t need money because he’s lived in the same house all his life and his expenses are low. Stokes says he’s sending a letter to the United States attorney; to ask the mayor for proof, and says if the mayor cannot provide proof he wants the mayor to take a drug test, because he thinks the mayor is smoking too much dope and it’s affecting him. Tuesday, Stokes asked that his letter to U.S. Attorney Darren LaMarca be read into the record. Stokes is asking the attorney to arrange and conduct an investigation into the “false and malicious” allegations made by the mayor.

Councilman Ashby Foote called the Mayor’s statements unfortunate and undignified. He called on the mayor to show proof. Waste Management is seeking an injunction to prevent Mayor Lumumba from awarding an emergency contract to another company.